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Rocky Mountain High

Look at the tremendous height of this bulls 6x7 rack!


The Challenge

This tall-tined 7x7 bull is telling every elk within hearing that he is "the old bull of the woods".

You want some of this?

This is the only elk with a double main beam that I have ever seen; he has 13 points. His head is up and his lip is curled in a threat posture, telling another bull to move or else!.


 I'm ready anytime.

Look at the dirt on this bull's antlers. He just got done scraping, and now he is bugling.

 Lonesome Cow

I caught this young cow looking for the rest of the herd.

Peaceful Time

I caught this herd feeding on the Firehole River in Yellowstone.

What's That?

These two cows have spotted a coyote, and they are going to keep an eye on it.

Bachelor Group

I caught these bulls in velvet resting in a meadow in mid-July.

 Morning Scrape

Bulls often scrape the ground with their antlers when they get up..

 Throwin' Dirt

I took a whole series photos of this bull tearing up the ground and throwing dirt and vegetation; this was the best one.

Face Off

These 7x7 and 6x6 bulls are two of the biggest I've ever seen. They are participating in the parallel dominance display.

The Winner

The 6x6 eventually walked away from this 425 class 7x7 bull.


These two 6x6 bulls fought for about 5 minutes. I only got the tail end of the fight on film.

Yearling Bull

Heading Out

I caught this tremendous 7x7 bull bugling as he left a meadow and headed for the woods at sunrise.

7x7 Bull at Sunrise

I call this bull "Hook" because his left antler has a big hook at the end.

Bull at Sunset

I caught this bull in a meadow at sunset, at just the right time.

Just One More Bite

These two 6x6 bulls just had to take a few more bites before heading into the woods at sunrise.

On the Alert

I never did figure out what this big 7x7 was looking at.

Looking for Trouble

This 7x6 was pumped up with testosterone, and spoiling for a fight.





Bull Moose

I caught this bull moose standing in a meadow in Yellowstone. He was joined by the lighter bull in next picture.


Two Bulls

This may be a parallel dominance display. Since the bulls are still in velvet, they weren't very aggressive.

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