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T.R. Michels' Guide / Hunting School & Whitetail, Turkey, Elk, Waterfowl University has a limited number of openings for anyone interested in learning about white-tailed deer, turkey and elk. The information acquired while attending classes will help students better understand the animals whether they wish to use their knowledge as hunters, guides, outfitters, hunting consultants, naturalists, photographers, writers, seminar speakers or authors,. 

The courses will include whitetail, turkey, elk, duck and goose biology; communication by calls, scents and body language; breeding behavior; nutritional preferences and needs; thermal and security cover preferences and needs; reaction to daily and seasonal meteorological conditions; and reaction to predatory behavior and human intrusion.



Sessions will include classroom and in-field instruction on interpreting sign, predicting the deer and elk ruts; predicting the turkey breeding-season; when, where and how to find trophy bucks, bulls and big toms; habitat requirements and habitat improvement: and quality deer management. While in the field students will have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing deer or elk research in the fall, and turkey research in the spring; which will help them understand how the weather and the moon influence seasonal behavior and breeding activity of the animals. Students will have the opportunity to walk rub routes, scrape lines, learn how to locate buck bedding areas and turkey roosting sites and strutting areas, and how to pattern deer and turkeys. They will also learn how to choose hunting sites based on seasonal and daily use of the animals; and the best times, locations and techniques to locate deer and turkey during the different phases of the breeding seasons. 




The spring session will focus on how to locate turkey roosting and feeding/strutting areas, and techniques used to call, decoy and hunt turkeys. It will also include information on interpreting deer sign and spring scouting for deer. The summer session will focus on how deer react to lunar factors; elk, mule deer and bear biology; and big game hunting techniques. The fall session will focus on field scouting, glassing, recording, patterning; and techniques for using scents, calls, rattling and decoys, and the right times and places to use these techniques while hunting deer and elk. It will also include information on duck and goose hunting. Information on how to become a guide, outfitter or hunting consultant will be included in each session.


Each session will last one week, and students have the opportunity to choose which weeks of the spring, summer or fall sessions they wish to attend. Class sizes are limited to 4 persons per week. Reference materials for each session will include scientific research papers of several well-known deer and turkey biologists, and books authored by the school's founder T.R. Michels. Books not included in the cost of tuition for each session will be available for use from the school free of charge. 


Books included in the cost of tuition for individual sessions:

Spring: Turkey Addict's Manual, Deer Addict's Manual Volume 1 (Big Bucks), Deer Addict's Manual Volume 2 (Hunting Techniques), and Deer Addict's Manual Volume 3 (How To Locate Disappearing Bucks). 

Summer: Deer Addict's Manual Volume 4 (Lunar Factors; The Real Truth), Deer Addict's Manual Volume 5 (Fall Deer Movement Influences), Deer Addict's Manual Volume 6 (The Rut), Scrape Hunter's Manual..

Fall: Whitetail Addict's Manual, Duck & Goose Addict's Manual, Elk Addict's Manual


Session Dates

Spring Deer and Turkey Session: One week sessions available from April 1-May 30. Summer Deer and Big Game Session: One week sessions available from June 15-July 15 Fall Deer/Elk and Waterfowl Session: One week sessions available from Sept. 1-Oct. 30.


Tuition: includes room and board on-site, and the above listed books for each session.

Individual Sessions: spring, summer or fall 5-7 day sessions, $600 per week. 

Combined Sessions: one week spring session and one week fall session, $1000 for two weeks. 

Upon completion of a Combined Session the school will assist successful graduates in job placement if they wish to pursue a career as a hunting guide. 

Daily Sessions: 2-4 hour daily sessions for spring turkey and deer, or for fall deer, elk and waterfowl, without room or board, are available for $25 per person per day; books not included.


We are located near the beautiful Sogn Valley (home to monster whitetail bucks and big tom turkeys) in southeastern Minnesota, approximately 35 miles north of the Mayo Clinic, the Gander Mountain store, and the Rochester Goose Refuge (home to 30,000 Giant Canada geese in the fall) in Rochester, MN. We are 60 miles east of the Cabela's store in Owatonna, MN; and 50 miles south of the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. The largest elk farm in Minnesota (700+ head, including over 150 mature bulls) is only 20 minutes away.


If you are in the neighborhood, stop in and see us.




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