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 T.R. Michels' Hunting Books

These books, by nationally recognized wildlife researcher and speaker/writer T.R. Michels, are based on studies by T.R. and top biologists throughout the world. T.R.'s years of experience as a guide, and his studies as a researcher, have led to several comprehensive methods of locating game and reading sign to determine the best times and places to hunt, and the best techniques to use while hunting.


New for Fall 2004

Complete Whitetail Addict's Manual ($108.00 Value) Book Cat.# CWAM $69.95 CD Cat.# CWAM-CD $50.00 Contains all the information from the Whitetail Addict’s Manual plus Deer Addict’s Manual, Volumes 1-7, and the DDMI, DMTI, RDC &RPI. Save $40 on the book, $58 on the CD.


Whitetail Addict's Manual Cat.# WAM $19.95
Information on whitetail biology; the rut, vocalizations and scents. How deer react to weather conditions and lunar forces. Reading deer sign. How to avoid being detected. How to use scents, calls, rattling and decoys to attract deer. The best times and places to setup for trophy whitetails. This book teaches you how to go one on one with a whitetail buck. 

"I did what you said and immediately found a rub line from where they had seen (the bucks). I worked it backwards into heavy cover and was astounded by the size and sheer numbers of rubs. It sets up so well for an afternoon hunt. Thanks for the help." Mike  




Turkey Addict's Manual Cat.# TAM $14.95
Information on flocking behavior and breeding activity; how turkeys communicate through sight and sound; reaction to weather. Locating roosts, strutting areas, and how to pattern turkeys. Tips on how to use the right calls and decoys, at the right time and place, to bring in reluctant toms. 

"I have a question about gobbling that I have been wondering about for some time. I have always heard that barometric pressure has an influence on when and how often turkeys will gobble. Have you done any research on the impact of changes in barometric pressure on gobblers? Thanks." A.J.



Duck & Goose Addict's Manual Cat.# DGAM $14.95
Explains the importance of family structure in ducks and geese , how they react to weather, how they communicate by sound and visual signals. Includes the techniques for calling, flagging and decoying ducks and geese used by guides.

"I've just finished reading this again. I keep finding things that besides being interesting make a lot of sense, if you stop and think about it."



Elk Addict's Manual Cat.# EAM $19.95
Elk biology; habitat, breeding behavior and communication by scents and calls. How to locate trophy bulls. Techniques on stalking, calling, rattling, thrashing and decoys used by professional guides.

"TR, Thank you very much for your info. It is wonderful to have knowledge and then share it with us less fortunate. I really do appreciate your input and will probably be sending you questions from time to time. If I get to be a pain just let me know. But, I do love to chase elk, and the more a person knows the better it is. A lot of your info makes sense. Thanks again." Joel


Hunting Northern and Western Game Cat.# NWG $9.95
A complete guide to hunting mule deer, bear, moose, antelope and caribou.in the western states, Canada and Alaska by T.R. Michels. Choosing a guide, preparing for an out-state hunt, locating animals from home, drop camp hunting, hunting techniques. 

Deer Managers Manual Cat# DMM $14.95
Includes information on what the deer should be doing each month, what you can do to improve deer habitat, why and how to improve the social status of your deer herd, planing food plots and using minerals to improve the deer hunting in your area, plus how you should be preparing for the hunting season. 

Whitetail Notes & Activity Factors Book Cat.# WNAF $24.95 CD Cat.# WNAF $19.95
This series of charts, graphs and whitetail facts provides deer hunters with information on when and where whitetails are most likely to be active; and when, where and how to hunt them. Includes Lunar, Meteorological and Rut Activity, and T.R.'s Tips on the best times and places to hunt during the different phases of the rut. 

Musings & Memories; A Hunter's Thoughts Cat.# MM $9.95
A collection of T.R.'s most requested articles. First Hunting Partner, The Rites Of Passage, The Deer Stand, Hunting Partners, Lost Memories, The Duck Blind, Why Hunt? A book any hunter will enjoy. Makes a great gift.


Deer Addict's Manuals

The Deer Addict's Manuals contain information on T.R.'s latest research and hunting techniques. They are add-on's to the Whitetail Addict's Manual. Add these to your library to become a complete whitetail hunter.

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 1 Cat.# DAM1 $9.95
Hunting Big Bucks: Deer Management, Trophy Areas, Metropolitan Bucks, Cornfield Bucks.

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 2 Cat.# DAM2 $9.95
Hunting Techniques: Scouting, Patterning, Hunting With A Guide, Scrape Hunting, Trailing and Stalking. 

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 3 Cat.# DAM3 $9.95
Locating Disappearing Bucks. Sex, Social Class and Antlers, Seasonal Changes, Transient Bucks, Migrational Deer, How Big Bucks Avoid Hunters, Getting Bucks To Do What You Want.

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 4 Cat.# DAM4 $9.95
Lunar Factors: The Real Truth. Do Game Predictor Tables Work? How The Moon Affects Deer. 

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 5 Cat.# DAM5 $9.95
Fall Deer Movement Influences. How Comfort, Security, Predatory Behavior, Breeding Behavior, Food, Distance, and Lunar Factors affect deer during the fall.

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 6 Cat.# DAM6 $9.95
The Rut: Chronology Of The Rut, Biology Of The Rut, Hunting The Rut, Do Deer Lures Work?

Deer Addict's Manual, Volume 7 Cat. # DAM7 $9.95
Hunting Tactics: Deer Research, Understanding Nighttime Deer Movement, Hunting Rub Routes, Using Ground Blinds, Opening Day Tactics.

Scrape Hunter's Manual Cat.# SHM $9.95
Everything you ever wanted to know about scrapes and scrape hunting. How, why, when and how often scrapes are made, how to tell if there is a dominant buck in your area, how the moon affects scraping, and the best times and places to hunt scrapes.    

T.R. Michels' Game Activity Indicators

These Game Activity Indicators were devised by T.R. Michels to help hunters predict when and where to hunt white-tailed deer and turkeys. They are based on T.R.'s knowledge of how to read animal sign and activity, and his years of research, to help hunters determine which times and places to hunt, and what techniques to use, based on the current weather conditions and lunar factors, and which breeding phase the animals are in. 

Turkey Activity Indicator Cat.# TAI $4.95
Based on T.R. Michels' research on how weather affects turkey activity. This chart helps you choose the right days, and the right places to hunt turkeys. 

Turkey Breeding Phase Indicator Cat.# TBPI $4.95
This chart tells you which phase of the breeding cycle the turkeys are in; and when, where and how to hunt them during each phase. 

Moon Indicator Cat.# MI $9.95
This chart predicts peak monthly gobbling of turkeys, and peak monthly scraping and daytime deer activity. Helps you choose the right days of the month to hunt, based on research by T.R. Michels on how moon phase and moon position affect deer, elk and turkey activity.

Daily Deer Movement Indicator Cat.# DDMI $4.95
The most important tool a deer hunter can use. Daily deer movement is primarily governed by the weather. This chart, based on T.R. Michels' personal research, helps you decide whether or not to hunt each day. Choose the right time and place to hunt, based on the daily weather conditions. No wasted time sitting in the wrong place when the weather is too hot, cold, windy or wet. 

Deer Movement Time Indicator Cat.# DMTI $4.95
This chart tells you what time of the day to expect deer movement; based on rut phase, light, precipitation, wind, temperature & lunar forces.

Rut Indicator Cat.# RI $7.95
Predicts peak rut (breeding) dates. This chart is based on the correlation between moon influenced activity and research on breeding activity by T.R. Michels. Use this to help you determine when peak daytime breeding activity occurs. 

Rut Phase Indicator Cat.# RPI $7.95
Helps you determine which rut phase is in progress. These two charts detail the eight different phases of the rut, describe the signs that indicate when each phase is in progress, and tell you when and where to hunt during each phase.

Rut Dates Chart Cat.# RDC $4.95
This chart provides the whitetail rutting period and peak rut dates for each state. Helps you know when to expect peak scraping and breeding activity, which is when the bucks are generally most active during the day.   


Special Offers

  • Turkey Addicts Special Cat.# TAS $ 24.95 Save $5

T.R. Michels' Turkey Addict's Manual, plus the TAI, TBPI and MI

  •  Deer Addict's Manual Special Cat.# DAMS $54.95  Save $15

All seven of T.R. Michels' Deer Addict's Manuals

  • Deer Addict's Special Cat.# DAS $69.95 Save $20

T.R. Michels' Whitetail Addict's Manual, plus the Deer Addict's Manual, Volumes 1-7

  • Deer Addict's Super Special Cat.# DASS $89.95 Save $40

T.R. Michels' Whitetail Addict's Manual, all seven Deer Addict's Manuals, plus DDMI, DMTI, MI, RI, RPI and RDC.

  • Complete Whitetail Addict's Manual: Book Cat.# CWAM $69.95, CD Cat.# CWAM-CD $50.00 Save $40 on the book, $58 on the CD.

Contains all the information from the Whitetail Addict’s Manual plus Deer Addict’s Manual, Volumes 1-7, and the DDMI, DMTI, RDC & RPI. ($108.00 Value)


Outdoorsman's Cookbooks

Outdoorsman's Cookbook, Volume 1 Cat.# OC1 $9.95 As a professional guide T.R. Michels has compiled a number of wild game recipes, hunting camp recipes, and tips for cooking in the outdoors, or at home. Includes tips on field preparation of meat, keeping meat fresh, cooking with cast iron; recipes for venison, bear, upland bird, waterfowl, small game, fish, seafood, sourdough bread, casseroles, chocolate cream pie, popovers, and more.

Outdoorsman's Cookbook, Volume 2 Cat.# OC2 $9.95
This follow up to T.R. Michels first cookbook includes all new recipes for cooking in the backyard or kitchen: fish, lobster, oyster, pheasant, duck, goose, deer, squirrel, rabbit, vegetables, several recipes from his wife Diane, T.R.'s Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake, and more.

Venison Cookbook Cat.# VC $9.95
Over 60 venison recipes for camp, backyard grilling, kitchen, or gourmet cooking; includes marinades.  


Special Offer

  • Outdoorsman's Cookbook Special Cat.# OCS $14.95 Save $5 
    The Outdoorsman's Cookbook, Volume 1 and Volume 2  


Magazines & Newsletters

Rub-lines Whitetail Magazine Cat.# RL $24.00

Family memories and traditions magazine, written by hunters, for hunters. "Herd Health/Nutrition & Deer Science" by columnist T.R. Michels. Also contains guide/oufitter and product listings, and an order form for a variety of hunting products and whitetail memorabilia. 12 issues per year


Christian Books

Genesis: Creation, The Patriarchs and The Flood; Fact of Fiction? Cat. # CG $9.95 Was the world created in 6 days? Did people really live 969 years? Was there really a worldwide flood? T.R. Michels takes a scientific look at the book of Genesis. You'll be amazed at what he found; science supports much of the Bible. 

Revelations: The Second Coming Of Christ, Armageddon and The Millennium Cat. # CR $9.95
This book by T.R. Michels discusses the book of Revelations, and explains some of the obscure meanings within it. Will Christ come again? Will there be another world war called Armageddon? What is the Millennium?

Witness: A Christian Hunter's Insights and Outlook Cat. # CW $19.95
This book contains several articles written by T.R. Michels; including his devastating attempt at suicide, and his recovery after 10 years of surgery. It also includes his personal thoughts on Christianity: A Christian Witness, My Glass Is Still Half Full, He Came To Divide, Keep Your Spirit Up and What If Christ Is A Hoax? 


Other Products

Air Skinner Cat.# AS Suggested Retail $39.95

The new, innovative Air Skinner can be used to skin your game animals with any filling station or convenience store air compressor. You don't need to own or purchase an air compressor to use it; you barely need a knife. Just insert the needle under the skin of the deer or other game animal, connect the needle holder to an air chuck, and the air pressure separates the skin from the underlying tissues. It's that easy. Works on big game, small game, waterfowl and upland birds. It even works on frozen animals!

Add $5.00 additional for S&H.


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T.R. Michels is available for seminars and Christian testimony at sport shows, sports clubs, banquets and fundraisers. His seminars include white-tailed deer, turkey, elk, ducks geese, game, preparing for a drop camp hunt and choosing a guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. For information on seminar topics and a biography click here: T.R. Michels Biography To check on available dates, e-mail the address below.


T.R. Michels'
Whitetail/Turkey University and Guide School TM

We have a limited number of openings for anyone interested in learning about the biology, behavior, hunting and management of white-tailed deer, elk, turkeys, ducks and geese. Courses will include classroom and in-field training on interpreting sign, predicting the rut; and when, where and how to hunt trophy bucks and big toms, plus habitat requirements and improvement and quality management. We will also cover aspects of elk, other big game animals and waterfowl, plus information on how to become a professional guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. Weekly sessions include food and lodging

  • Spring Turkey/Deer Session April 1-May 15 
  • Summer Deer/Waterfowl Session June 15-July 15 
  • Fall Deer/Big Game Session Sept. 1-Nov. 15. 


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