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T.R. Michels, "The most versatile hunting seminar speaker in North America."


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Seminar and Show dates for 2005


February 25-26-27, 2005 Illinois Deer & Turkey Classic - Interstate Center, Bloomington, IL. T.R. will be giving seminars on "Patterning Trophy Bucks". For more information log on to: www.deerinfo.com




Seminars by T.R. Michels


Lunar Factors, Weather And Deer Activity / Choosing The Right Times And Places To Hunt Deer

Trophy Whitetail Hunting / Patterning Trophy Bucks

Reading The Rut / Deer Hunting By The Month

Understanding The Eight Phases Of The Whitetail Rut / Using The Right Techniques At The Right Time

Keeping In Touch With Trophy Bucks / Deer Scouting; Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Treestand Placement and Safety / Choosing The Right Treestand Site

Making Mock Rubs And Scrapes / Scrape And Rub Hunting

Deer Decoying / Deer Decoying Techniques

Deer Calls and Rattling / Calling and Rattling Deer

Common Sense Deer Scents / Using the right Scent at the Right Time

Deer Management; Habitat Carrying Capacity, Buck to Doe Ratios, Nutrition


Western States and Canadian Hunting

Choosing an Outfitter / Preparing For A Guided Hunt

Drop Camp Hunting for Alaskan, Canadian, or Western Game


Elk and Bear

Trophy Elk Hunting / Locating Big Bulls

Archery Elk Hunting Techniques; Calls, Scents, Decoys and Tag-team Hunting

Locating Elk / Topographical Elk Hunting

Elk Calls and Elk Scents / Attracting Elk For Bow Or Gun

Hunting The Five Phases Of The Elk Rut / Understanding The Elk Rut

Scent'ual Bear Hunting / Bait Hunting For Bears


Ducks and Geese

Calling, Decoying and Flagging Geese

Calling and Decoying Ducks

High Visibility Duck and Goose Hunting / Choosing the Right Location

Low Profile Ducks and Goose Hunting /Camouflage and Concealment


Turkey Activity And The Moon / Lunar Turkeys

The Weather, Turkey Movement & Breeding Activity / Choosing The Best Days To Hunt Turkeys

Patterning Turkeys / Archery Turkey Hunting

Aggressive Turkey Hunting / Hunting Reluctant/Boss Toms

Turkey Calling and Decoying

Early / Late Season Turkey Hunting Techniques


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A Few Quotes From T.R.'s Readers & Seminar Attendees

Hello T.R., I got your book a couple days ago. I could not put it down. I've read everything on geese and started on the duck info. It is a great book. I wish someday we could meet and maybe hunt together. I've got a nice little honey hole for geese in SW, MN near the Talcot game refuge. Well I don't know much else but thank you for the great book and i hope to meet you someday.. Thank you Nicholas Hansen

Mr. Michels, Your articles and web site are phenomenal. Thank you. John Kuzicki

T.R. Wow!!!!! Talk about useful information. I feel as though I have hit the lottery! TBO

T.R. Your site has taught me a great deal. Justin

T.R. I will absolutely pass-on your site. I grew up back East and my friends and I are ALL whitetail hunters. I've read some of your articles and find them to be right on the money. Furthermore, your articles break things down to the basics, so even though you may have been doing the "right thing," now you understand why it was right and why it worked! John

T.R. First off I'd like to say I've read a lot of the information you've written here (on Trinity Mountain Outdoor News) and at other posts and *#%, in just 3 minutes I learned more than I have in 3 years (of deer hunting). Manfred

I'm sure you have plenty to do so I won't take up all your time, but really, thank you Jesus T.R. Michels was spared his life here on earth to be a servant of our Lord and Savior. Thanks T.R. Bob O'Dea

Mr. Michels, I heard about you through the internet, I was searching for tips on decoying Canada Geese for a speech I am giving next Thursday (I attend the University of Vermont). Your site came up and I have gotta tell you, great information!! Roger Masse

Hello TR, I am 14 years old from Wakefield, Rhode Island. I followed a few of your tips and ended up having this nice 10 pointer walk in on me. I just wanted to say thank you and good luck to your years hunting. Joe Cook

Joe Cook with his 10 pointer

T.R. I've posted a thanks (on the T.R.'s Tips forum ed.), but I wanted to more personally say thanks (if e-mail is more personal than a forum on hunting). I just got done reading your testimony about your suicide attempt. Wow God loves you. Amazing story. I remember your story from a while ago, but didn't realize it was you until now. If that makes sense. I appreciate your knowledge on deer hunting, but more so appreciate your burning desire to share God's word. Anyway, I'm struggling right now in most areas of my life including my walk with God. But I know God directs people. He took me to your sight. In fact, after doing numerous searches on different search engines for deer behavior, I was always directed to your sight. Time after time. Coincidence? Probably not.

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