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Whitetail (27 Titles)

Fatal Whitetail Strategies

The Secret Art: Whitetail Treestands

Mike Lapinski and friends demonstrate tree stand, drive, still-hunting and stalking techniques for whitetails. Contains information on deer biology and proven deer hunting techniques.

Mike Lapinski teaches you how to how to locate good hunting sites, choose the correct trees for stands and hunt from them.

 Cat.# SW020 $14.95

 Cat.# SW023 $14.95

The Art of Decoying Whitetail

Taking Big Whitetail

Paul Brunner and Tom Storm hunt huge dominant bucks over decoys. Watch as a dominant buck ATTACKS a decoy! This is the complete package in decoy hunting!

Join expert whitetail hunter Paul Brunner as he solves the mystery of hunting effectively over scrapes. Learn how to identify different types of scrapes, force bucks to use scrapes more frequently, make mock scrapes, use scents properly and choose the right time of day to hunt the scrapes.

 Cat.# SW024 $14.95

 Cat.# SW026 $14.95


River Bottom Whitetail


Bruce Funk, Bill Sager and Gene Lee outsmart large whitetail bucks in the dense river bottom habitats of North America.

Follow Paul Brunner as he takes you scouting through all seasons of the year. From spring when you find the sheds, summer identifying habits to fall and winter when learning to interpret scrapes and tracks during the rut.

 CAT.# SW028 $14.95

 Cat.# SW042 $14.95


Bad Medicine

Bowhunting October Whitetails

Tom Storm and Paul Brunner prescribe and big dose of bad medicine for harvesting big bucks. Share in the excitement as our hunters lure many bucks within bow range using tricks and techniques they have perfected over the years.

Join Rick Blase and Barry Wensel and learn where to hunt, and what techniques to use during the different hours of the day. Also learn how to shoot at running game.

 CAT.# SW043 $14.95

 Cat.#SW052 $14.95


Bowhunting October Whitetails II

Highnoon Bucks

Rick Blase and Barry Wensel provide lots of action and tips on tree-stand location and placement in this video.

An all time favorite featuring Barry Wensel, Rick Blase and Gene Bidlespacher. Creating more shot opportunities is what it is all about! Learn great techniques to predict the direction, path and even the speed a force moved buck will take.

CAT.# SW053 $14.95

 Cat.# SW054 $12.99


Street Smart Bucks

Eye Level Bucks

Join Paul Brunner and Roger Rea as they discover the hidden secrets of urban whitetail deer and perfect techniques for safely hunting these Street Smart Bucks!

Veteran bowhunter Mike Lapinski explains how to still-hunt, stalk and ambush whitetails on the ground. These lost art hunting techniques are not only exciting and personally rewarding, but also ver productive. After each alternative hunting technique, Mike follows up with actual hunts.

Cat.# SW058 $14.95

Cat.# SW062 $14.95


Secrets to Success: Whitetail

Secret World of Whitetail Hunting

Outoor life editor Jim Zumbo shares his secrets to success he has used to harvest whitetail buck in over 30 states. Follow Jim from the river bottoms of the Midwest to the snowy Rocky Mountains.

Whitetail hunting expert John Sloan shows how to hunt whitetail deer in every part of the season, including the rut. John's 40+ years of whitetail deer knowledge lets him simplify the complex whitetail's world into basic and easily understood hunting methods.

Cat.# SW074 $14.95

Cat.# SW076 $14.95

All Season Whitetail

Whitetail Passion

Join Ron Bice, Jerry Peterson, Dr. Ken Nordberg and Myles Keller on six bowhunting adventures. Learn how to hunt all season long.

Whitetail hunting experts Ron Bice, Ron Cormier, Keith Edberg and Pete Karles take you on five bowhunting adventures. Find out where those big bucks are hanging out. Plus, learn how to officially score a whitetail rack.

Cat.# SW081 $14.95

Cat.# SW082 $14.95


Whitetail Strategies

Every whitetail deer hunter looks forward to the rut, that brief period each fall when reclusive bucks becomes reckless bucks. Typically hard to find, trophy class bucks are never more vulnerable that during those few short weeks when their necks swell and caution takes a holiday!

Cat.# SW2008 $14.95


Hunting Whitetail Deer

Tracking Whitetail Bucks

In this video, Paul Brunner shares helpful tips that he has gained from years of experience. He also helps us understand the whitetail and its habitat and what it takes to harvest a trophy buck.

Every hunter has been outsmarted by crafty whitetail bucks, but now it's time to turn the tables with your own bag of tricks! Whitetail experts Rick Blase and Barry Wensel share a dozen tips that can bring that big buck right past your stand. Learn how to trick that buck into coming your way.

Cat.# TT1002EP $8.95

Cat.# TT1004EP $8.95

Bowhunting Basics for Deer

Black Powder & Bowhunting Whitetails

In-field scouting is the secret ingredient of every successful bow hunter and this critical science is covered in-depth by expert bow hunter Mike Lapinski. Key information on shot selection and blood trailing will help guarantee bringing home that big buck.

Join Roger Raglin for black powder hunting where he harvests a 170 Boone & Crockett whitetail. Then, Roger shows you to to go in to a new unfamiliar area on short notice and develop a plan to successfully take a trophy buck.

Cat.# TT1005EP $8.95

Cat.# TT1030EP $8.95

The Biggest Whitetail Bucks

Plenty of Big Bucks to Spare

Roger Raglin takes you to the two best regions to hunt B & C bucks. First he goes north to Canada, and then south to Texas. Features over 20 bucks scoring from 135 to 190 Boone and Crockett points, with 10 bucks grossing over 160 inches.

Join Roger Raglin as he takes you rifle, bow and black powder hunting across the eastern half of the U.S. in search of trophy whitetail bucks. See rare deer footage of an albino buck.

Cat.# TT1031EP $8.95

Cat.# TT1032EP $8.95

Tree Stand Techniques

Hunting Trophy Whitetails

Trophy whitetail hunter Gene Wensel explores the techniques of successful tree standing hunting, from selecting the type of stand to use, to its placement and actual use in the field. He explains what it takes to make this method of hunting work for you and he harvests a nice buck in the process.

Gene Wensel and Dick Idol show you how to read whitetail habitat and understand their biology so you can become a better hunter. They present practical insights to hunting whitetails and do so for both rifle and bow and arrow. Four techniques are shared with you by two expert whitetail hunters.

Cat.# TT1033EP $8.95

Cat.# TT1034EP $8.95

Whitetail Encounters

Taking Big Whiteail

Twelve whitetail deer are harvested in this action packed, up-close video that was three years in the making. Six trophy class bucks are taken with both bow and rifle. Learn various hunting techniques from expert hunters and see incredible scenes of whitetail deer in their natural habitat.

Join expert whitetail hunter Paul Brunner as he solves the mystery of hunting effectively over scrapes. Learn how to identify different types of scrapes, force bucks to use scrapes more frequently, make mock scrapes, use scents properly and choose the right time of day to hunt the scrapes.

Cat.# TT1035EP $8.95

Cat.# TT1036EP $8.95



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