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Archery Instructional

Instinctive Shooting

Art Young: Bow Hunting Legend

The most successful bowhunters are instinctive shooters.. Paul Brunner will teach the versatility of instinctive shooting as it applies to any hunting situation.

Watch the first hunt ever filmed. Art Young braves the elements of the Alaskan territory to harvest moose, bear and Dall sheep.

Cat.# SW032 $14.95

Cat.# SW056 $19.95


Tembo: Howard Hill

Tembo: Howard Hill / Points on Arrows

The legendary Howard Hill left us his legacy in this awesome African epic. Howard pursues dangerous game such as crocodile, python, leopard, lion and a rogue elephant called Tembo!

DVD version of Howard Hill's awesome African Epic Tembo.

Cat.# SW060 $19.95

DVD Cat.# SW9030 $19.99

When to Shoot

This video is dedicated to providing you information and expertise so the next shot you take will be the best shot possible. You'll see ten hunts with bow and rifle that illustrate what happens when you choose the best shot possible.

Cat.# SW057 $14.95



Wild Country Gourmet

Jim Zumbo, writer for Outdoor Life magazine, places special emphasis on gamey tasting venison and shares his simple and easy techniques to make any cut of venison a gourmet delight!

Cat.# SW068 $9.95


Dog Training

Beginning Training

Advanced Training

Mike Mathiot shows you common sense training concepts that have turned hundreds of spirited pups into well disciplined gun dogs. Mike's step by step approach is clearly demonstrated so you can apply it to training.

In this video, Mike starts training with the 22nd week of a retriever's development. He leads you through the final stages of training and includes hunting scenes that illustrate the finished retriever in action.


CAT.# SW044 $19.95


Cat.# SW045 $19.95


Ultimate Gun Dog

Ultimate Obedience

Join well known trainer John Kabobs as he takes you through the expert procedures he uses while training some of America's top hunting dogs. Understand the dos and don'ts of training your dog.

John Kabbes takes you through a comprehensive step by step process to easily obedience train your dog. Develop a greater bond with your hunting companion.

 CAT.# SW086 $19.99

 Cat.# SW087 $19.99


Beginning & Advanced Training

DVD version of Mike Mathiot's training techniques for both beginner's and advanced techniques. Also available separately on VHS: CAT # SW044 and SW045.


 DVD Cat.# SW9000 $29.99


Field Care of Game

Scoring Big Game

Field Dressing Deer

Ed Wolff hosts this special on how tos. North America's big game trophies such as elk, grizzly, moose, deer and many more are properly scored and measured. Submission guides for the Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record books are also included.

How to quickly and efficiently field dress your deer in ten minutes or less is shown with easily understood terms and clear visual illustration. Mike Lapinski shows how simple it is to clean a deer without a lot of mess!

CAT.# SW008 $19.95

CAT.# TT1006EP $8.99


Caping & Field Dressing

Caping & Field Dressing /

Scoring Big Game

Rob Hazelwood and Steve Musik show step by step techniques on how to care for the cape of your big game trophy and how to properly field dress your animal. Every hunter needs to know how to care for the cape of that once in a lifetime big game trophy.

This DVD combines two great VHS productions in one.

See CAT # SW008 and CAT # SW003.

CAT.# SW003 $14.95

DVD CAT.# SW9019 $12.99


Hunting Techniques & Stories

Planning Your Rocky Mountain Hunt

This video provides both entertainment and solid information on how to plan the hunt of your dreams in the Rocky Mountains.

Cat.# SW007 $19.95

Tracking; Before & After

The Nature of Hunting

The most critical part of any hunt is the effective follow up of mortally wounded game. Mike Lapinski shows you how to track and read signed in the woods to get you close range shots. Then, after the shot, learn how to read blood trails and signs of hits.

An unforgettable video adventure that you will enjoy watching time and again. The hunter experiences an intimacy with nature unlike any other as he lives out the role of a predator. He is alive to everything around him.

CAT.# SW047 $14.95

CAT.# SW051 $19.95

Fire & Wildlife

The Best of Stoney Wolf

Filmed on location in Yellowstone National Park, this video shows how fure affects our wild lands and generates healthy, more vigorous wildlife population.

The first ten years of Stony Wolf Productions in encapsulated in this non-stop, action packed video. This is a collection of the most outstanding sequences and filming events that occurred out in the field.

Cat.# SW019 $19.95

SW037 $14.95


Handing Down The Tradition

Big Game

Join renowned turkey caller and expert hunter Allen Jenkins as he passes to his sons the true experience of whitetail and turkey hunting. Learn in-depth calling techniques from the master.

Buck McNeely pursues deer in Texas, Missouri and Georgia, elk in Colorado, moose in Alaska, exotics in Texas, reindeer in Iceland and bear hunts in Alberta, Canada and Siberia, Russia

Cat.# SW046 $14.95

Cat.# SW096 $14.95



Trap & Skeet Shooting

How To Shoot Sporting Clays

Join National Champion father and Son team Gene and Bill Clawson for an exciting look at the two oldest clay target games in America. Learn proper foot and body positions, determining proper leads, proper gun hold points and the proper mental approach to breaking targets.

Join shooting professional Marty Fischer as he discusses and demonstrates the tools and techniques of this sport.

Cat.# TT1021EP $8.95

Cat.# TT1022EP $8.95


How to Shoot Sporting Clays / Trap & Skeet Shooting

Two great instructional videos now available on one CD for one low price!
Also sold separately on VHS: CAT# TT1021EP and CAT# TT1022EP

DVD Cat.# SW9028 12.99


Survival / Outdoor Skills

Survival Basics I

Survival Basics II

Don't get caught in the wilderness without the knowledge to survive! Dr. Ron Hood will share his experiences and teach you the critical survival techniques every outdoorsman needs to know.

Dr. Ron Hood expands on the survival basics taught in video one. The techniques are in place for survival, but now discover how to get out of those tricky situations and what to do along your journey.

CAT.# SW084  $19.95

CAT.# SW085  $19.95

Survival Basics I & II


Get both of Dr. Ron Hoods great survival videos, now on one CD at an exceptional price! Both of these survival shows are also available separately on VHS. See CAT# SW084 and CAT# SW085.

This humorous and educational guide takes teaches beginner and advanced paddling strokes, river reading and how canoes behave in moving water.

DVD CAT.# SW9025 $12.99

CAT.# SW091 $14.95



Wilderness Trapping

Pro-trapper Mike Lapinski runs an extensive trap line from the low country where he traps muskrats, beavers, raccoon, skunk and mink, to the foot hills where he traps and snares bobcats and coyotes and the high country where Mike traps in deep snow for the pine marten and fisher.

 SW022 $19.95



Wildlife (Game Animal Natural History) (7 titles)

Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

You'll share in the elk's life story from birth to death as the elk is captured in all phases of it's life. See calf elk frolicking, cows grazing in vast herds, bull elk raking their antlers and of course, hear the her bull's spine-tingling bugles echo out of the mountain basins.

This is the story of the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and the magnificent land in which it lives. Three years of filming from Alberta to Montana puts you in close up experiences with tiny newborn lambs and dominant rams fighting with power.

Cat.# SW012 $9.95

Cat.# SW015 $9.95



Yellowstone's Amazing Wildlife

Experience the power of the North American Grizzly! Witness fights between adults and laughable scenes of cubs at play. The extraordinary footage is filmed in a wide range of habitats which gives the viewer a astonishing presentation of all aspects of the life of the grizzly bear.

Yellowstone National Park is regarded as the most outstanding of all our national parks. Explore wildlife and rare insights into the lives of elk, bison, bears. Coyotes and many more species in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Cat.# SW069 $9.95

Cat.# SW070 $9.95



This video features rare scenes of bobcats, lynx and mountain lions as they play, hunt and live in their natural domain. Watch explanations regarding the cycle of nature as it really happens, with predator seeing prey, and often, the hunter becoming the hunted.

Join outfitter Gap Puchi in this action and information packed video as he hunts the bighorn sheet in the rugged high country of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Cat.# SW083 $9.95

Cat.# SW094 $19.95


Bear Attacks

What would you do if you were suddenly attacked by an angry bear three or four times your size? This is one of the most important videos anyone who sets foot in bear country can watch. Learn why bears attack, how to avoid a confrontation and how to counter an attack.

Cat.# SW073 $19.95

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