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   Bear (7 titles)

Master of the Black Bear

Sure Fire Bear

From the producers of Bowhunting October Whitetails comes an incredible adventure in monster bear hunting! From the rare blond to the cinnamon, brown and giant blacks. You'll see the action up close of 55 different wild bears.

Mike Lapinski demonstrates how to successfully hunt black bear using the four most common methods: baiting, spot and stalk, hounds and calling. This video also includes a special segment on effective tips for calling bears, hosted by expert Wayne Carlton.

Cat.# SW055 $19.95

Cat.# SW071 $19.95


Bear Attacks

Bear Facts

This is one of the most important videos anyone who sets foot in bear country can watch. Learn why bears attack, how to avoid confrontation and how to counter an attack.

Join Myles Keller, Ron Bice, Mark Peterson, Bruce Peterson, Bruce Hudalla and Dr. Lynn Rogers in a quest for black bears with a bow. This production gives you the facts on black bear hunting from the ones who know.

Cat.# SW073 $19.95

Cat.# SW079 $14.95


Bear Facts II

Bear Facts I & II

Join Ron Bice, Dr. Lynn Rogers, Ron Cormier, Bruce Hudalla and Chris Wallace as they travel to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in search of record book black bear. They key in on spring and fall hunting seasons and the different color phases of the bear.

Get the best of both works! This DVD contains everything you need to know to bear hunt with a bow and arrow from the experts who know how!

Cat.# SW080 $14.95

DVD SW9018 $12.99



Experience the power of the North American Grizzly! Witness fights between adults and laughable scenes of cubs at play. This video is filmed in a wide range of habitats which gives the viewer an astonishing presentation of all aspects of the life of a grizzly.

Cat.# SW069 $9.95


Big Horn Sheep (2 titles)


Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Join outfitter Gap Pichi hunting for the elusive Big Horn sheep in the rugged high country of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This is the story of the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep and the magnificent land in which it lives. Three years of filming from Alberta to Montana puts you in close up experiences with tiny newborn lambs and dominant rams fighting with power.

Cat.# SW094 $19.95

Cat.# SW015 $9.95


 Caribou (1 title)

Hunting Trophy Caribou

Expert Archer, Bill Krenz and Jay Scholes go to Quebec-Lbrador and bowhunt Caribou. Watch the two trek across the tundra following migratory herds in quest of trophy bulls.

Cat.# SW014 $19.95


Elk (17 titles)

Elk Hunting: The Rocky Mountains

Elk Hunting: Early Season Bugling

Join Ed Wolff and Gary Holmes as they film some of the most stunning elk hunting footage you'll ever see. Contains up close scenes of bull elk dismantling a lodge pole pine while scraping his antlers, bugling scenes and bow and rifle hunting in the Rocky Mountains.

Larry Jones and Rob Hazelwood take bull elk and work together to demonstrate the art of elk bugling on actual hunts in the mountains of Montana.

Cat.# SW001 $14.95

Cat.# SW002 $14.95


 Rocky Mountain Elk

Radical Elk Strategies

You'll share in an elk's life story from birth to death as the elk is captured in all phases of it's life. See calf elk frolicking, cows grazing in vast herds, bull elk raking their antlers, and of course, hear the herd bull's spine-tingling bugles echo out of the mountain basins.

Expert archers Mike Lapinski and Rob Hazelwood take you in close for some great hunting action. Mike demonstrates the unusual techniques he has developed to call in rutting bulls.

 CAT.# SW012 $9.95

 Cat.# SW018 $14.95


Hunting With the Pros: Elk

Point Blank Elk

Kevin Gross, Lance Parrish and Gary Holmes travel to New Mexico and Montana on two distinctly different elk hunting trips. See over the shoulder camera action as the two pro baseball players discuss strategy and harvest trophy bull elk.

You will experience heart pounding, adrenaline charged encounters with rutting bull elk at point range as you join elk hunting expert Mike Lapinski on his visits to Oregon, Idaho and Montana in pursuit of the majestic beast.

CAT.# SW025 $19.95

 Cat.# SW027 $14.95


Archery Elk

Legacy of Bull Mountain

In this action packed video, Paul Brunner helps Tom Moore kill a Montana mountain elk. Then Paul demonstrates calling techniques and harvests a 340 point New Mexico trophy. Mike Lapinski hunts Colorado elk and harvests a bill that he calls in to nearly the tip of his arrow!

Bill Krenz takes you bowhunting for trophy bull elk and mule deer to renowned Bull Mountain, which is known for some of the best hunting in North America.

Cat.# SW033 $19.95

 Cat.# SW036 $14.95


Big Bulls Can Come easy

Elk Hunting with the Experts

This video contains incredible archery action featuring Jim Barnhart and Stan Starr in New Mexico. After watching this action packed adventure, you will understand why there is never a last hunt for rutting bull elk.

This video was produced in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and features expert hunters Jim Zumbo, Wayne Carlton, Dwight Schuh, Mike Lapinski and Bill Krenz.

Cat.# SW059 $19.95

Cat.# SW063 $19.95


World Record Elk

Double Teaming Bulls

Produced in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, this video has many world class bulls displayed.

Using double teaming techniques, renowned hunters Mike Lapinski and John Sloan work with guides to show you how incredibly effective it can be to have the caller hidden beyond the set up hunter.

Cat.# SW065 $14.95

Cat.# SW072 $19.95

Bugling Big Bulls

Callin' & Stalkin' Big Bulls

Join John McClendon and Mike Whelan as they bring in monster bulls. A 393 5/8 B & C bull is called across a 300 yard clearing and taken by rifle. Also included: see John harvest the 1985 New Mexico State Record.

John McClendon and Mike Whelan take you on a season to dream for. This video is about big bulls. Every scene has bulls coming into calls, fighting, rutting and being stalked.

Cat.# SW092 $19.95

Cat.# SW093 $14.95


Majestic Elk

Hunting Trophy Elk

Babe Winklemann takes you hunting bull elk in New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. You'll learn the secrets of successful elk guides and find out what equipment to bring on your trip.

Join Mike Lapinski as he reveals his best kept secrets gained from years of experience while hunting the magnificent bull elk. You will come away with a complete understanding of camouflage, equipment, calling and hunting techniques, locating, and sign interpretation of a rutting bull elk.

Cat.# SW2014 $14.95

Cat.# TT1003EP $8.95


Big Bulls Can Come Easy / Archery Elk Dream Hunt

Two full length videos are now on one convenient DVD. Big Bulls can come easy features Jim, Barnhart and Jim Starr, while Archery Elk: The Dream Hunt features Paul Brunner and Mike Lapinski.

DVD Cat.# SW9017 $14.95


Moose (4 titles)

Antlered Giants

The Lost Antlers

Imagine harvesting an animal weighing over 1000 pounds with a bow! Your heart will pound and your blood will rush as you feel the uncertainty of not knowing if the moose will run or charge. This is bowhunting at its best!

Follow skilled woodsman Lance Goodwin on his annual hunt through a wilderness area in northwestern Canada for a classic Canadian moose hunting adventure using bow and arrow.

Cat.# SW048 $14.95

Cat.# SW097 $14.95


The Lost Antlers / Antlered Giants

Secrets of Hunting Trophy Moose

No picture

Combines two of the best moose hunting vidoes around on one convenient DVD featuring Mike Lapinski and Lance Goodwin.

Witness the challenge of hunting these antlered giants while learning great techniques from the best.

DVD Cat.# SW9022 $12.99

Cat.# TT1926EP $12.95


 Mule Deer (5 titles)

Hunting Rocky Mountain
Mule Deer

Western Mule Deer

This video teaches you how to hunt trophy mule deer in the Rocky Mountain West.

Featuring Babe Winkelman. If you like whitetails you'll love mule deer. Learn great tips for hunting these often elusive animals.

Cat.# TT0009EP $8.95

Cat.# SW2015 $14.95

Quest for Trophy Mule Deer

The Supreme Challenge

Learn specifics about different methods used to hunt both open country and mountain mule deer.

Veteran bow hunter Mike Lapinski experiences both the frustrations and joys of stalking to within 20 yards of a trophy class miles deer buck in open country

Cat.# SW021 $14.95

Cat.# SW049 $19.95

Secrets to Success - Mule Deer

Jim Zumbo covers all the vital areas to help you find those big bucks and insure success to all of your hunts.

Cat.# SW075 $19.95



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