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Haydel's Game Calls

"People often ask me why they should buy inexpensive calls rather than the more expensive models. The reason is that most inexpensive calls have the same inner parts as the more expensive models, which makes them sound the same. The barrels of the more expensive waterfowl and deer calls are made out of more expensive materials; such as wood, laminated wood, and acrylic, and they may have been made from a fancier mold, or have a brass band on them; that doesn't necessarily make them sound better. Inexpensive polycarbonate and acrylic calls sound just as good as the expensive calls. And, if you lose them, they are easy to replace. Haydels uses the best wood, plastic and latex available for their deer, turkey and elk calls. Try Haydel's calls; I use them because they work!" T.R. Michels 


To view pictures of Haydel's game calls log on to www.haydels.com
or request that we mail a Haydel's catalog to you.


Turkey Calls

Single Reed Diaphragm Cat. # SR-91 $549 Our Price $4.99
Single reed diaphragm, for easy to blow turkey sounds.

Triple Reed Turkey Cutter Cat.# C389 $5.49 Our Price $4.99
Three reed turkey diaphragm. Our easiest to use turkey diaphragm. 

Quad Reed Turkey Cutter Cat.# C489 $5.49 Our Price $4.99
Four reed turkey diaphragm. Great for raspy sounds

Old Faithful Turkey Box Call Cat.# OF91 $19.95 Our Price $17.95
Cedar box call for realistic turkey calling. Recreates all of the calls turkeys make. 

Push Button Turkey Call Cat.# PB91 $16.95 Our Price $14.95
For easy one handed turkey calling. Recreates great cluck's, yelp's and feeding purrs. 

Master Slate Turkey Call Cat.# MS95 $22.95 Our Price $19.95
Computer designed high quality slate call and hickory striker. Recreates all of the vocalizations that turkeys make. 


Deer Calls

Deer Grunt Call Cat.# DG87 $11.95 Our Price $10.95
Tube type deer grunt call for calling big bucks. Can be used to sound like a small buck to bring in the older, trophy bucks. 

Non-Typical Inhale Grunter Cat.# NT02 $12.95 Our Price $11.95
This rubberized inhale grunter won't freeze up in cold weather, or make noise when you drop it. Squeeze the grunt tube to make calls with different sounds and different inflections. 

Deer Bleat Call Cat.# DB85 $9.95 Our Price $8.95
Produces the Social Contact Call of a doe that bucks love to hear during the rut. 


Elk Calls

Variable Tone Cow Elk Call Cat.# VTC93 $12.95 Our Price $11.95
Easy to use reed style call makes it easy to create the mews, whines and fighting squeals of cow, calf and bull elk. 

Single Reed Diaphragm Cat. # SR-91 $549 Our Price $4.99
For creating the bugle of a year old bull, or calf and one year old cow sounds.

Double Reed Elk Diaphragm Cat.# E289 $5.49  Our Price $4.99
For creating cow, and young bull elk sounds; great for the fighting squeal. If you only carry one call, this is the one you want. 

Triple Reed Elk Diaphragm Cat.# E389 $5.49 Our Price $4.99
For creating the growl, roar, bugle and chuckle of and older bull elk. Combine this call with our Single Reed Diaphragm and Double Reed Elk Diaphragm and you can create every elk vocalization you'll ever need. T.R.


Duck Calls

Double Reed Mallard Cat.# DR85 $16.95 Our Price $14.95
Easy blowing double reed call for realistic hen Mallard calls. This call has undoubtedly put more ducks on the water than any other call. T.R.

Big Barrel Variable Tone Mallard Cat.# BDR95 $18.95 Our Price $16.95
The big barrel on this call produces extra loud, raspy Mallard calls. It can be blown hard on big water without lockup.

Redleg Mallard Cat.# RL99 $34.95 Our Price $31.95
Double reed hen Mallard call with lanyard, designed to blow wet for wary late season Mallards. My personal favorite.  T.R.

Cocacrylic "Cajun Squeal" Mallard Cat.# CA0IM $59.95 Our Price $54.95
Cocabola wood barrel with acrylic double reed inserts produces the high pitched "Cajun Squeal" of a hen Mallard.

Cocabola Duck Cat.# WD97 $85.95 Our Price $79.95
Cocabola wood barrel with double reed inserts; comes with a premium lanyard. If you want a great in-field call, this is it. T.R.

Acrylic Duck Cat.# AD-98 $115.00 Our Price $105.00 An acrylic version of the double reed DR-85; for crisper sounds when you need XTRA volume., comes with a lanyard.

Smokin' Suzy Hen Mallard Cat.# SS02 $125.00 Our Price $115.00 Loud Arkansas-style single reed hen Mallard call, good in the blind or for competition calling; comes with a lanyard. 

Eli Haydel Mallard Collector Series Cat.# CSS $200.00 Limited edition (only 100 made) double reed call in the Cajun Squeal configuration; Boisdark barrel and black acrylic exhaust, hand tuned and signed by Eli Haydel. Records will be kept on owners name for next year's model; customers will be granted right of first refusal on the same numbered call in the series in upcoming years.

Drake Mallard, Pintail, Widgeon and Teal Cat.# MP90 $7.95 Our Price $6.95
When the ducks won't come to a hen mallard call, try a drake Mallard call or a Pintail whistle.

Blue Wing and Cinnamon Teal Cat. # BT85 $10.95 Our Price $9.95
Produces the screechy quacks of the Blue Wing and Cinnamon Teal call. 

Wood Duck Squealer Cat # W81 $10.95 Our Price $9.95
Produces the squeal of a Wood Duck.

Wood Duck Whine Cat. # WW90 $10.95 Our Price $9.95
Produces the high-pitched whine of the drake Wood Duck.


Goose Calls

Canada Honker Cat.# H81 $14.95 Our Price $13.95
This call recreates the deeper sounds of the larger subspecies of Canadas. It's excellent for double clucking and comeback calls. I hand tune these calls to sound like the western and giant subspecies of Canada geese. TR

Goose Flute Cat.# GF88 $16.95 Our Price $15.95
Easy blowing Canada goose flute call can be used to sound like a whole flock. The best inexpensive goose flute available. The range of this call allows it to be used on most Canada goose subspecies.

Black Foot Goose Cat.# BF99 $34.95 Our Price $32.95
This short reed call makes small-Canada goose sounds, from crisp breaking hail calls down to moaning laydowns; comes with lanyard. 

Magnum Honker Cat.# CA01H $34.95 Our Price $32.95
Amber acrylic Canada goose call. I hand tune these calls to make the deeper sounds of the larger subspecies of Canada geese. My personal favorite. T.R.

Magnum Snow Goose Cat.# MSG6 $14.95 Our Price $13.95
A white, large size, easy blowing Snow Goose call that carries on windy days. This call makes it easy to sound like a whole flock. 

Specklebelly Cat.# S81 $10.95 Our Price $9.95
The reed in this White-Fronted Goose call is cut down and modified by World Champion caller Rod Haydel. 

Extra Loud Sandhill Crane Cat.# XLC $12.95 Our Price $11.95
This extra loud call is excellent for imitating the gurgling sounds of the Sandhill Crane on windy days. 


Audio Tapes, Video Tapes & CD's

Waterfowl Workshop Cat.# T01 $9.95 Our Price $.8.95 Personalized waterfowl instruction tape by champion callers Eli and Rod Haydel teaches you how to blow Haydel's waterfowl calls for all species of ducks and geese.

The Acoustics of White-Tailed Deer Cat.# DT87 $9.95 Our Price $8.95 If you want to hear what real, live deer sound like, and be able to imitate them when you call deer this is the tape to get. Contains live recordings of the most commonly used deer calls; bawl, bleat, grunt and grunt-snort.


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T.R. Michels is available for seminars and Christian testimony at sportshows, sports clubs, banquets and fundraisers. His seminars include white-tailed deer, turkey, elk, ducks geese, game, preparing for a drop camp hunt and choosing a guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. For information on seminar topics and a biography click here: T.R. Michels Biography To check on available dates, e-mail the address below.


T.R. Michels'
Whitetail/Turkey University and Guide School TM

We have a limited number of openings for those interested in learning about the biology, behavior, hunting and management of white-tailed deer, elk, turkeys, ducks and geese. Courses will include classroom and in-field training on habitat requirements and improvement, quality management, interpreting sign, predicting the rut; and when, where and how to hunt trophy bucks and big toms. We will also cover aspects of elk, other big game animals and waterfowl, plus information on how to become a professional guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. Weekly sessions include food and lodging

  • Spring Turkey/Deer Session April 1-May 15, 
  • Summer Deer/Waterfowl Session June 15-July 30, 
  • Fall Deer/Big Game Session Sept. 1-Oct. 30. 

For more information click here: Whitetail/Turkey University & Guide School


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