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"I'm often asked why you would want to use a goose flag rather than a goose kite. There are two reasons: 1. When the wind isn't blowing goose kites don't work, but you can still use a goose flag. 2. You can't use a goose kite to flag geese, but you can use a goose flag as a goose kite" T.R. Michels. 

Canada "Lander Kites"

Goose T Flag Snow Cat.# GTFS Canada Cat.# GTFC $18.99
Fixed triangular-shaped wings attached to a handle to be held or waved in the air to simulate flying or landing geese. 

Goose Lander Flag Snow Cat.# GLFS Canada Cat.# GLFC Tri-Colored Canada Cat. GLFT $24.99
Wings with a tail; Canada goose model has a white crescent at the base of the tail. Tri-colored Canada comes with gray wings, white crescent and black tail. These can be hand-held or used on a pole.  (pictured above)

Goose Pole Kite Snow Cat.# GPKS Canada Cat.#GPKC Tri-Colored Canada Cat.# GPKT $24.99
Same design as the Lander; comes with center stabilizer rod and an adapter to attach to a pole, to get the Kites high in the air. 

Goose Closer Snow Cat.# GCS Canada Cat.# GCC Tri-colored Canada Cat.# GCT $29.99 
Top-view silhouette with a realistic head on a 4" stake. Great for getting geese to land in the "hole." They can also be used to flag geese while concealing the hunter. Add 2 or 3 to your spread and watch them go into action. 

Gun Adapter Cat.# GA $6.95
PVC adapter to attach any flag to the barrel of a shotgun, to conceal the hunters while they are flagging. 

9 foot Fiberglass Telescoping Pole with 1 adapter Cat.# FTP-1 $16.99
Nine foot fiberglass telescoping pole with one flag adapter to hang a Lander Flag or Pole Kite on. 

9 foot Fiberglass Telescoping Pole with 2 adapters Cat.# FTP-2 $19.99
Nine foot fiberglass telescoping pole with two flag adapters to hang two Lander Flags or Pole Kites on. 

6 foot Aluminum Pole Cat.# AP-6 $21.99
Six foot Aluminum pole to hang Lander Flag or Pole Kite on. 



T.R. Michels is available for seminars and Christian testimony at sport shows, sports clubs, banquets and fundraisers. His seminars include white-tailed deer, turkey, elk, ducks geese, game, preparing for a drop camp hunt and choosing a guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. For information on seminar topics and a biography click here: T.R. Michels Biography To check on available dates, e-mail the address below.


T.R. Michels'
Whitetail / Turkey / Elk / Waterfowl

Hunting and Guide School

We have a limited number of openings for those interested in learning about the biology, behavior, hunting and management of white-tailed deer, elk, turkeys, ducks and geese. Courses will include classroom and in-field training on habitat requirements and improvement, quality management, interpreting sign, predicting the rut; and when, where and how to hunt trophy bucks and big toms. We will also cover aspects of elk, other big game animals and waterfowl, plus information on how to become a professional guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. Weekly sessions include food and lodging

  • Spring Turkey/Deer Session April 1-May 15, 
  • Summer Deer/Waterfowl Session June 15-July 30, 
  • Fall Deer/Big Game Session Sept. 1-Oct. 30. 

For more information click here: Whitetail / Turkey /Elk / Waterfowl University & Guide School


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