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Blast Blockers

Hearing Protectors and Hunter's Hearing Enhancement


Why You Need Hearing Protection

You only get one pair of ears, and they're supposed to last a lifetime. Many hunters and shooters don't realize the permanent damage they do to their hearing every time they pull the trigger. Consider this: factory workers are required by OSHA to use hearing protection if they work in environments producing more than 85 decibels. A shotgun creates 140-150 decibels (dB), and pistols and rifles even more.

Hunters and shooters develop hearing loss over time. Each time your ears are subjected to such loud noises, damage occurs to tiny nerve endings (hair cells) in the ear. These hair cells are located along the auditory nerve that goes to the brain, and are extremely delicate.

When damaged, they cannot be repaired. As you might expect, it's best to protect your hearing at an early age, and be faithful about wearing hearing protection every time you go shooting or hunting. But it's never too late to protect what you have left. Our products are the best blend of protection and enhancement money can buy. They are custom molded to your ear, each a one-of-a-kind. The sound quality of our powered models is amazing, helping hunters hear the slightest sounds made by approaching game.

Ear Impressions

You will need to make impressions of your ears. A kit for this is $29.95, which will be deducted from the price of you r choice of our products. See details near the bottom for this page for more information.


Blast Blockers



The same custom fit as our top-line digitals. Popular among target shooters, and great for plinking and sighting in or patterning guns of all types. The fitted conical stainless "cans" are sophisticated pressure-sensitive elements that let a good portion of your hearing through, but shut down tight when a gun is fired. $179 per pair.


Digital Amplifiers

When even subtle sounds are plain as day, you're in the game all the way. The "digitals" have been tuned by expert hunters so that critical game frequencies are enhanced. And get this: crank on those turkey, goose or duck calls as loud as you want, and they sound "normal" to your ears, giving you an amazing edge when listening for a response. The sound quality is so real, it's as if you can actually hear this well! Plus, you get the protection of Shot Dampening Technology. $899 per pair.


Bowhunter's Edge

$949 per pair.


Ear Impression Kits

Contains all the material you will need to make two customized impressions of you ears. $29.95; which will be deducted from the price of your choice of our products.


Making Ear Impressions

1. Wash hands thoroughly.

2. Open one of the packets of impression material. Mix green and white material together. Use your fingers to knead the material until it's a solid green color, with no marbling. You now have about a minute before the material begins to harden.

3. Roll the material between your fingers so it forms a narrow point. Then, get the narrow point going down into the ear and press with your index finger to seat the material into the ear. You don't need a lot of pressure, but it is important to get the material down into the ear. After seating it with the index finger, use the base of your palm to maintain steady pressure for about two minutes. (This also forms the material to the outer 'bowl' part of your ear.)

4. At this point, you can make the impression on your other ear. Repeat Steps 2 and 3, using the second packet of impression material.

NEVER use any type of object to force impression material into the ear canal. If you apply the material while it's soft you will get an adequate impression.


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