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The Right Step is a folding receiver-hitch step for use with pickups and SUV's that allows you to easily access items in the back of the vehicle, without having to drop the tailgate. It folds up against the tailgate when not in use, and folds down by simply pulling a pin to lower the large step. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, powder coated, with a non-slip crackle finish. This is a Great product!

Cat. # Right Step

Retail  $134.95 Our Price $120.00

Shipping & Handling $15.00 for each unit.

  1. Durable all-steel construction
  2. Mounts in standard 2" recieving hitch
  3. Safely holds up to 500 lbs.
  4. Extra wide step plate - safe for pets
  5. Works on pickups and SUVs
  6. Folds up when not in use

    A convienient step for the back of your pickup or SUV. Superior in quality to other truck and SUV steps on the market today, the Right StepTM allows safe and easy transfer of everything from construction and recreational equipment to pets and big game into and out of a pickup or SUV. And it offers this advantage at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

    The Right StepTM is adjustable and connects to any vehicle with a two-inch reciever hitch to:

  7. Allow for easier lifting of objects into pickups, improving work efficiency and reducing work-related injuries caused by getting in and out of pickup beds
  8. Help dogs enter high SUV's and pickups without injury and is endorsed by veterinary clinics as a helpful tool for older dogs, prone to mishaps
  9. Provide a magnetic surface for advertising signage
  10. Offer an easier way to get in and out of truck-mounted campers


EZ Grill

You'll love it so much you'll pack it first!

It's ideal for Camping, Hunting, Back Packing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Boating, Fishing, "Shore Lunches", Snowmobiling, Motor Cycling, Hiking, RV-Motor Home, Outfitters, ATV Trail Riding.

And anything else you can think of!


Two sizes to choose from:

EZ-1000 Family Size - 13" X 12" Cooking Surface - Weighs 3 lbs.

Cat. # EZ-1000 Retail Price $43.00

EZ-2000 Mini Size - 5" X 7" Cooking Surface - Weighs 1 lb.

Cat. # EZ-2000 Retail Price $27.00


Shipping & Handling $10.00 for each unit.












See the grills in action:




  • Dishwasher Safe 100% Stainless Steel contructions - Built to last. Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Rolls up in its own carrying case - Fits in backpacks, boat cubbies, gear bags
  • Lightweight - Mini weighs 1 lb. Family weighs 3 lbs.






T.R. Michels is available for seminars and Christian testimony at sport shows, sports clubs, banquets and fundraisers. His seminars include white-tailed deer, turkey, elk, ducks geese, game, preparing for a drop camp hunt and choosing a guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. For information on seminar topics and a biography click here: T.R. Michels Biography To check on available dates, e-mail the address below.


T.R. Michels'
Whitetail / Turkey / Elk / Waterfowl

Hunting and Guide School

We have a limited number of openings for those interested in learning about the biology, behavior, hunting and management of white-tailed deer, elk, turkeys, ducks and geese. Courses will include classroom and in-field training on habitat requirements and improvement, quality management, interpreting sign, predicting the rut; and when, where and how to hunt trophy bucks and big toms. We will also cover aspects of elk, other big game animals and waterfowl, plus information on how to become a professional guide, outfitter or hunting consultant. Weekly sessions include food and lodging

  • Spring Turkey/Deer Session April 1-May 15, 
  • Summer Deer/Waterfowl Session June 15-July 30, 
  • Fall Deer/Big Game Session Sept. 1-Oct. 30. 

For more information click here: Whitetail / Turkey /Elk / Waterfowl University & Guide School


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